Change of Plans…

Things were going CRAZY there for a while!

During this time, I did feel really guilty by NOT getting around to working on this podcast. I also thought about what I wanted to get from this. And while, advice is GREAT and wonderful, I think that maybe it should come from a far more personal space.

So, I’m going to be working on curating stories about my love life…with (hopefully) some advice and tips and tricks to glean for yourselves.

I have SO MANY stories! And, honestly, the notes I’ve gotten from the few people who have listened…have expressed interest in this personal vibe regarding MY actual stories.

This will become difficult as my college classes start on August 21 and I’m going to try to do BOTH.

I’ve had A LOT of lovers and relationships and I’m hoping that these stories will be helpful and, at least, entertaining.

If you’re looking for more “advice” based polyamory/kinky podcasting, be sure to check out the Polyamory Weekly Podcast.

I will, additionally, be working on pages for this website with terms for those who aren’t well-versed in such things. But, you can also check out the More Than Two website.

Stay tuned for more deeply personal and entertaining stories!

KPP – Episode 3 – Let’s Talk About Looove

Kinky Poly Podcast – Episode 3 is going live RIGHT NOW!

In this episode, I discuss the many different types of love polyamory allows me to have and what I’ve learned from love…about me and about life in general.